Welcome to Sletten Wellness -- a medical practice where you are met with utmost respect by a courteous and efficient staff. Where you are encouraged to work hard as a partner with your doctor in your health care. Where your time, ideas and research are honored by open and intelligent discussion. Where your expectation for healing begins with your own home, lifestyle, environment and faith before any prescription is written. Where you leave the office feeling confident about the competence of your doctor with a clear understanding of the content of your encounter and a clear vision of your path toward healing.

Our Mission

Sletten Wellness represents a new paradigm in health care that integrates the best knowledge from mainstream medicine with cutting edge natural healing principles.  We celebrate your uniqueness of body, mind and spirit by developing an effective, safe and personal treatment plan in a tranquil office setting.  Our goal is to partner with you in your quest for optimal health, fitness, performance and quality of life by maximizing your own healing potential.

We offer the Defeat Autism Now! Approach to the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It involves an in depth history and physical examination, advanced laboratory evaluation, comprehensive diet, appropriate pharmaceutical intervention, and nutritional and detoxification strategies, including IV Chelation.  With close regular follow up we walk with you through these interventions with a clear and methodical strategy.  To complement the medical program, you may participate with the "SWAT" Team (Sletten Wellness Autism Treatment); an empathetic and practical support group lead by Julie L. Sletten, MS.

This approach is merely a thoughtful, safe and intelligent application of good Integrative Medicine principles, and has broad application to numerous conditions such as ADHD, developmental delay, allergy, asthma, chronic fatigue, hypertension,  high cholesterol, headache and more.  We dig deep into the root cause of an illness in hopes of correcting any biochemical, nutritional, immunologic or other imbalances. Therefore, we accept patients of all ages, sizes and concerns who seek to partner with their doctor in a quest for better health.

An exercise prescription is also emphasized at Sletten Wellness, for the health and neurodevelopmental benefits of a well directed physical activity program are immense.  Dr. Sletten brings to Ventura his Sports Medicine expertise as the Team Physician for the NCAA Division I CSU Northridge.  We offer complete office orthopedic services including x-ray, casting/bracing, biomechanical evaluation and injury diagnosis with advanced sports nutrition and rehabilitation consultations.  Julie Sletten, MS is an Exercise Physiologist with background in motor development and exercise program design.  Dr. Sletten is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine with broad Emergency Medicine experience.

More than anything, we are the grateful parents of a child recovered from ASD, and look forward to partnering with you on the road to healing and excellent health.