Today there are thousands of nutritional supplement companies that sell products claiming to promote or even restore good health. Some of the claims are valid, and some are somewhat suspect. Some of the companies use the highest level of quality control for their product, and some companies do not. At Sletten Wellness we believe that when you decide to take supplements, then you are entering a treatment regimen that is just as powerful and potentially harmful as the decision to take a prescription drug.

Thus, we are entering the age of “nutraceuticals”, or the use of nutritional interventions for the treatment of disease as a complement to or replacement for “pharmaceuticals.” Furthermore, the realm of herbal medicine is growing, and rightly so. For many of the modern medicinal drugs grew out of a dogged scientific approach to understanding the effects of plants on human physiology. But what started out as a trusted science has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. We cannot open a newspaper or turn on the television without being bombarded by prescription drug advertisements.

Our intention at Sletten Wellness is to bridge this knowledge gap between nutritional medicine and the mainstream pharmacologic approach to disease. This is “Integrative Medicine” operating at its best. For both have a place in treatment, but they need to be evaluated and balanced for each individual with close attention paid to potential side effects and cross reactions.

Dr. Sletten combines his background in Family, Emergency and Sports Medicine with experience in neutraceutical approaches to neurodevelopment disorders (Defeat Autism Now!! Trained) and performance sports medicine (Team Physician-CSUN). The patient’s well being and pocketbook are at the heart of every recommendation, so we have researched the companies with the highest standards for quality. We offer some of those products at Sletten Wellness at a reduced rate, but we pledge never to recommend any supplements to a patient unless we believe they will restore or enhance their health, and help them achieve their goals.

Some of the nutritional supplement companies that we believe have the highest levels of quality assurance include Kirkman, Nordic Naturals, Metagenics, New Beginnings and Klaire Labs. Many of these supplements are kept in stock at Sletten Wellness and are offered at a discounted rate. If our patient has another company that they prefer, we will work closely with them to insure that dosing is in the proper range.