At Sletten Wellness, our practice of “Sports Medicine” involves helping each patient maximize their performance in their "human race."

For some it’s a sprint and for others it’s a marathon. Yet every day we are faced with unique physical challenges. They range from striving to obtain maximum competitive speed and strength at the intercollegiate or professional levels, to struggling to get out of bed because of debilitating osteoarthritis. Life presents us with injuries and illnesses that impede our progress toward our goals.

Dr. Sletten brings to Ventura his sports medicine expertise as the Team Physician for the NCAA Division I CSU Northridge since 1991. He understands the stress and the performance demands on the serious competitive athlete, and he spends considerable time with each athlete evaluating their specific goals. Then, in partnership with the athlete, a clear action plan for rehabilitation or performance improvement can be implemented.

We offer complete office orthopedic services including x-ray, non-surgical fracture management and casting/bracing. Of course our focus is on encouraging healing through non-surgical modalities. But if your injury is best treated with surgery, then Dr. Sletten can refer you to the best orthopedic surgeon for your specific problem.

We spend time on careful biomechanical evaluation such as gait analysis in hopes of preventing future injury, and we provide advanced sports nutrition consultation for those interested. We will offer exercise testing with laboratory input to assess cardiovascular health and risk as we help you design a safe and enjoyable exercise program.

Julie Sletten, MS is an Exercise Physiologist with background in motor development and exercise program design. As a marathon runner herself, she adds a wealth of information to the recreational runner about training strategies and injury prevention. Additionally, our Wellness Coordinator, Julieanne Jannone, BS is available for personalized instruction in proper exercise technique. She is a Graduate of CSUN with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. She adds further dimension to our available services.

In essence, our focus at Sletten Wellness is on exercise prescription rather that drug prescription. Research clearly demonstrates that the health and neurodevelopmental benefits of a well designed physical activity program are immense. So we will continue to preach this message to our community and all of our patients from ages 1 to 101 years!