Sletten Wellness is equipped with full casting and bracing capabilities. Non-surgical fractures can be managed in their entirety and the highest quality bracing can be purchased directly from the Center. This further adds to the convenience for the patient.

Sometimes injuries require surgical intervention. Dr. Sletten has extensive experience in Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine, and so he can refer his patients to the most capable and appropriate Orthopedic Surgeon or other specialist if needed.

As the Team Physician for CSUN, he works closely with a professional staff of certified athletic trainers that work at the highest level of sports rehabilitation. It is these standards that Dr. Sletten requires for his patients at Sletten Wellness, and he will work closely with local physical therapists to achieve the fastest possible recovery goals for his patients.

However, treatment for these injuries does not end with a diagnosis and rehabilitation plan. Each patient is screened for any biomechanical, nutritional or training deficiencies that may have contributed to their injury. Sometimes further metabolic or hormonal testing is indicated to evaluate the causes of injuries such as stress fractures.

With this holistic approach to acute injury, we can better understand what factors may have lead to the injury in the first place. Then more specific recommendations can be made that address mechanics, technique, equipment or training and nutritional strategies. Our goal is to accelerate recovery in any way we can, and hopefully to improve performance for future success.