The high-functioning, well-tuned athlete is a unique animal in many ways. “Health” is not at the top of the competitive athlete’s agenda. The serious athlete’s first priority is to WIN! Sometimes the margin of victory is so small, that the athlete is under extreme pressure to push their own natural abilities to their extremes to gain that advantage. But where we draw the line and define what advantage is fair or unfair is the subject of immense debate today in professional and amateur athletics.

At Sletten Wellness we do not pretend to ignore the presence of performance enhancing drugs in competitive arenas, and we understand the allure of these products for young and established athletes. As a policy, we are against the use of illicit drugs or substances that confer an unfair and unsafe advantage. However, we will work with individuals to replace these substances with natural products that safely and legally maximize athletic performance.

We also appreciate the increased immunologic stress experienced by competitive athletes, especially during a season. Getting the flu or other illness midseason can ruin an entire year. This is why at Sletten Wellness we have devised an immune maintenance program that is based on the best nutritional and exercise science for the prevention of and quickest recovery from the usual seasonal illnesses.

Therefore, it is clear that Performance Nutrition expands the realm of Nutritional Medicine, and it is our intention to guide our patients through that maze in a very practical and safe way with the best experience and science available.