Successful rehabilitation from orthopedic injury depends on many factors and requires and integrative approach. First and foremost is that the patient understands their diagnosis and the specific goals of therapy. Other issues often include time availability and motivation of the patient. Every patient and every situation is different.

This is why Dr. Sletten has always designed treatment plans that fit into the life and goals of his patients. At Sletten Wellness, each patient leaves with a clearly written account of their visit, their diagnosis and rationale for treatment with realistic goals for recovery.

Some people are motivated to undertake and exercise recovery program on their own. Perhaps they have little time to keep physical therapy appointments. For them, we can give them specific directions for a program and instruct them on the proper exercise techniques before they leave the clinic.

Others want and sometimes need the guidance of a Professional Physical Therapist with some of the ancillary modalities provided. Dr. Sletten can refer those patients to the most capable therapist in the community.

Still other patients wish to work with their Chiropractor or consider this form of therapy. Dr. Sletten has always supported chiropractic manipulation as a useful therapeutic modality for recovery. In fact, he was instrumental in bringing the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic into the Addie Klotz Student Health Center at CSU Northridge to provide chiropractic care to the student body. Dr. Sletten only refers his patients to the most excellent and practical chiropractors and expects ongoing feedback from practitioners on his patients’ progress.

Integrative Medicine means that we are open discussion and consideration of many alternative modalities as well. Sometimes the complexities of patients’ conditions lead them to attempting other complementary interventions, such as Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr. Sletten is happy to work closely with his patients in this way, and refer only to the most reputable practitioners.

Finally, effective rehabilitation may involve less obvious interventions. For instance, malnutrition may be an issue preventing normal healing; or it may be a culprit in the root cause of the original injury. Some hormonal imbalances or deficiencies can lead to orthopedic injuries such as stress fracture. For these reasons, all patients at Sletten Wellness undergo general medical and nutritional screening. If further nutritional or laboratory evaluation is indicated, then Dr. Sletten is equipped to provide this or refer for more specialized interventions.